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Lose Body Fat and Increase Lean Body Mass with Senzu Nutrition’s Life Extending Fish Oil

Are you having trouble losing that last bit of body fat to reach your body mass goals? Do you hate how long it takes to recover after a long training session at the gym? If this sounds like you then Senzunutrition’s Life Extending Fish Oil is exactly what you need!

The Omega-3 fatty acids found in our fish oil has been shown to keep your insulin sensitivity levels healthy. As you lose weight you become more sensitive to insulin causing carbohydrates to produce a more powerful anabolic effect[1][2][3]. The anabolic effect caused from carbohydrates transfers directly to fat gain from eating carbohydrates[4]. Our Life Extending Fish Oil will keep your insulin sensitivity in check helping you achieve the body mass goals you have been striving for!

In addition to the fat loss you will experience from our Life Extending Fish Oil, you will also notice a quicker recovery after your gym sessions! The anti-inflammatory properties of Omega-3 fatty acids will reduce the acute muscle soreness you experience after a long training session[5]. So, make the most of your gym time and feel better quicker by taking Senzunutrition’s Life Extending Fish Oil.

Order today to reach your body mass goals and make the most of your next training session!

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