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Your Body Is Eating Your Muscles as
We Speak – and There’s Only One Supplement
That Can Stop It

Our Revamp BCAA Will Prevent Muscle Breakdown, Minimize Soreness and Fatigue, and Help You Pack On Lean
Mass Without Choking Down All Those Extra Calories

Imagine this

You finally decide to make that leap from ‘kinda looking like you lift’ to a health magazine cover-worthy body, so you drop all the excuses and start working out ferociously Five times a week, heavy weights, supersets, drop sets, maxing out… Your diet is on point, and you even convince yourself to do some cardio a couple of times a week. On paper, your program seems to be bulletproof.

But then the strangest thing happens… While going through some old pictures on your phone, you realize that your muscles actually got smaller compared to a few months ago Naturally, you freak out and grab a measuring tape, hoping that it will prove that this was just an illusion broadcasted by the part of your brain that’s never satisfied with your gains…But the number on the tape shows the disturbing truth:

You lost almost an inch of muscle off your arms and inch and a half off your thigh

How is that possible? Two words: Muscle Breakdown.
This intense new program caused stress to the body, so it started burning your muscles in order to liberate much-needed
energy to stay on top of challenges.

The bad news is that it happens to everyone, sooner or later…
The good news is that you can prevent it with only one supplement.

Your Hard-Earned Gains Are Safe With Revamp BCAA

Numerous studies have shown that taking BCAAs around training boosts protein synthesis, preventing your body from turning to your muscles for energy and focusing it on your fat stores instead. As a result, your gains will remain intact. But that’s not the only reason why you should add BCAAs to your diet Here are other benefits you are going to experience:

Increased Muscle Growtha

L-Leucine, an amino acid found in BCAA, stimulates muscle protein synthesis – which is basically the process of creating muscle. One study has shown that people who had 5.6 grams of BCAAs after their resistance workout had a 22% greater increase in muscle protein synthesis compared to those who didn’t [1].

Suppressed Fatigue and Soreness

BCAAs can help decrease muscle soreness and reduce exercise-induced fatigue.In a study by the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, people who took BCAAs before a squat
exercise experienced reduced soreness and fatigue compared to the placebo group [2].

Suppressed Fatigue and Soreness

A large study of over 4000 subjects found that people with higher BCAA intake had less body fat, more muscle, and significantly less chance of becoming overweight at some point compared to others [3].

Revamp BCAA Is the Best Proof

That You Can Create a Powerful Supplement With Nothing but Natural Ingredients

Every scoop of Revamp BCAA is stuffed with active ingredients – without any fillers, binders and other additives our competitors use to ‘water down’ their products and save a few bucks.


Potassium is an essential electrolyte that sustains life.
Literally. A research by Wolfson Institute of Preventive
Medicine of the University of London has shown that
participants who took potassium chloride supplements
experienced significant improvements to their
cardiovascular health, as well as lowered blood pressure [4].


Potassium’s counterpart, sodium, helps balance fluids in the body, sends nerve impulses needed for muscle contractions, and controls blood pressure.Some researches suggest that it can also improve brain function and relieve muscle cramps.


A combination of Citrulline (an amino acid) and Malate (the salt of malic acid), this ingredient is proven to boost athletic performance by delaying fatigue and pain, and helping muscles recover faster.


This amino acid is widely used to improve strength uring exercise and muscle recovery times: It boosts energy production, decreases muscle breakdown, and increases strength and longevity.


L-Glutamine is arguably one of the top 3 most recomm-ended supplements for building a lean body – and for a good reason: It improves athletic performance, burns fat, promotes muscle growth and decreases muscle wasting… Among other things.


A combination of Citrulline (an amino acid) and Malate (the salt of malic acid), this ingredient is proven to boost athletic performance by delaying fatigue and pain, and helping muscles recover faster.


There is a good reason why researchers have called Taur ine ‘The nutritional factor for the longevity of the Japanese’ [5]: It treats all kinds of conditions, prevents obesity, enhances physical performance and even helps reverse heart disease.


Valine works with the other two BCAAs – isoleucine and leucine – to repair tissues, regulate blood sugar, and
provide the body with energy. It also boosts brain function by stimulating the central nervous system.


It took scientists almost 100 years to realize what a big effect on health and performance this simple molecule has: It reduces pain, improves cognition and memory, fights anxiety and depression, and may even promote muscle growth by increasing testosterone levels.


Numerous studies and tests on animals have shown that L-theanine offers a range of benefits: From better mental focus and improved sleep to increased cognitive performance and even a boost in weight loss.


Yohimbine is known for its ability to increase fat breakdown and speed up weight loss – but that’s not the only thing it does. It also reduces fear and social anxiety, improves mood and memory, protects the kidneys and even relieves pain.

It’s Sweetened Only With Stevia Without Unhealthy
Artificial Sweeteners

Revamp BCAA is one of a handful (if that) BCAA supplements on the market that don’t contain ANY harmful sweeteners such as Sucralose. This was not exactly a good business decision since artificial sweeteners are a staple in the industry for a reason… Still, we opted for Stevia – one of only two sweeteners the FDA has given GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status when used as an ingredient.

(All others – like saccharine, aspartame, and sucralose – are considered food additives and don’t meet the
GRAS specifications) And you know what? We made the right choice. We spend a bit more money on the
front end, but it paid off big time:

  • Our BCAAs now taste like heaven without extra calories and potentially dangerous side effects
  • You get all kinds of extra benefits – from suppressing cravings to controlling high
  • blood pressure – thanks to this amazing natural sweetener

Do You Really Need BCAA?
These 3 Questions Will Help You Decide

Do you plan to go on a diet and try to lean out, but want to make sure you don’t lose muscle you’ve worked so hard to build?
Would you like to increase muscle mass without changing your diet or training – by simply getting your body to burn fat instead of muscle?
Do you think your performance in the gym would improve if your body could recover from draining workouts faster and be less affected by soreness and fatigue?
If your answer is YES to any of these questions, you will benefit immensely from this supplement. Especially if you take advantage of this special offer…

30-Day, No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

We know that adding another supplement to your stack can feel like a big decision – especially if you are already taking one or two So to make it easier for you, we decided to let it try it first – with no strings attached.
Simply, order a bottle, use it for 30 days and see if it’s worth it.
If for some reason you decide that you are fine with your body burning your hard-earned muscle and that you don’t want to be able to recover faster,
you can send the bottle back and get a full refund. Sounds good?
Ready to Finally Get a Reward for All That Heavy Lifting?

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